Alexender "Tough" Wright also known as Super T is the Main Character of the Lost on the Road/The Outsiders franchise.


Super T started off with Blue Gloves, and had a red sword. During the first version. However, as time when on, Super T was changed to Yellow Gloves and a coat.

Timeline in the Show

The Show starts in the 1980s as Super T was 11 then. Making Super T, 40 Years Old in the New Ones. Though in a deleted scene for Super T on Ice. Super T was revealed to be 20 Years Old.


Super T fought Super K during The Super Wars.

Powers and Abilities

  • Super T primary superpower is super strength. He is seen catching people off of buildings. This was foreshadowed in the episode, "The Best Offense."
  • Super T is also great a combat however, he always gets the upper hand, on Super K.
  • Super T can lasto, his son, off a building.
  • When Super T and Abby Young's Powers Merge The Time Bubble is born.


  • Super T also can't stand a body of water.
  • Super T can't handle rocktum.


Super T's Death is currently unknown. Though it was always foreshadowed on YouTube.